Continuing its technology development journey at full speed by embracing the perspective of the 21st century, Ermaksan exports technology from Turkey to the world with its high R&D capability, years of sectoral experience, and investment power.

Ermaksan Optoelectronics department, which focuses on efficiency in every field by using resources effectively; continues its global brand journey by implementing the laser power source (resonator), which can only be produced in a limited number of countries around the world, laser diodes, FBG sensors and CNC controllers for the first time in Turkiye.

Products produced by Ermaksan, entirely with its own resources, and delivered to more than 120 countries in 6 continents, makes a difference in the global arena with their advanced technology, environmental friendliness and efficiency features. Ermaksan Optoelectronics department continues to invest in qualified human resources, yet embodying a competent and expert manpower, which includes professors as well as many doctoral and postgraduate staff.

Ermaksan Optoelectronics department, which has clean rooms at international standards; hosts many national and international projects such as innovative products, Industry 4.0 applications, which are an important reflection of the culture of the company. At the same time; maintaining its joint project efforts with recognized universities, institutes, institutions and organizations in relevant fields, Ermaksan continues to move forward with firm steps towards its future goals.


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