Ermaksan Machine
Sheet Cutting Software


EPL PLASMA ProNest® LT Nesting Software

Part creation and development:

  • Integrated 2D to create and edit CAD files
  • Variable shaped parts (VSP) feature to develop common parts from CAD program templates.

CAD/CAM import and conversion :

  • Import CAD and CNC files (many industry standard file formats) automatic CAD file correction and error reporting.
  • Automatic groove/ellipse polishing and shrinking.
  • Separating multiple parts from a single CAD file.
  • Automatic mapping of CAD sheets with operations (cutting, marking, etc.).

Interactive manual nesting :

  • Group parts in clusters for placement.
  • Drag, drop and push parts on the slot.
  • Repeat, move, scale, mirror, rotate or sequence parts, prohibit/allow placing them within a part.
  • multi-plate and multi-head placement.
  • Fragment blending detection.
  • Arrangement of input/output position and features within the slot.
  • Grain restraining and edge drilling technology.
  • Material database (with quality and scale).
  • Manual and automatic plate trimming.
  • Protected zones for plate clamping applications.
  • Automatic and manual nesting sequencing.
  • Part-by-part cut direction control and cut sequencing.
  • Animated cut sequence simulation.

Built-in process parameters :

  • Process parameters on the basis of material type, thickness, quality and class.
  • Input/output parameters based on material type and thickness.
  • Automatic and interactive separations for part, plate and drilling spacing.