Ermaksan Machine
Power Supply Unit


Cost-effective single gas (air or nitrogen) cutting systems for pipe cutting, angled cutting and robot 3D cutting. Power options are available in the 45 - 125 Amp range.

Powermax SYNC series plasma cutters

The Powermax SYNC® series, the next generation of Powermax65/85®/105 systems, is unlike any of the plasma systems you've seen before. With built-in intelligence and revolutionary one-piece cartridge consumables, Powermax SYNC simplifies system operation, simplifies supplies stock management, lowers operating costs and maximizes performance.

Advantages of Powermax SYNC

Easy to use

  • Easy-to-recognize one-piece cartridge consumables are color-coded by process to avoid part clutter and simplify supplies inventory management
  • New SmartSYNC® torches using Hypertherm  cartridges automatically adjust the correct amperage and operation mode, eliminating setup errors
  • Ability to tackle a wide range of jobs with easy-to-change torch styles and application-specific cartridge consumables for different types of cutting and grooving
  • end-of-life detection lets you know when to replace your cartridge

Productivity gains

  • Simplified operation reduces downtime, diagnostics and training time.
  • Advanced cartridge consumable design delivers up to twice the lifetime of manual cutting and better quality throughout the life of mechanized installations compared to standard consumables
  • Each cartridge is designed to optimize cutting or gouging for the best possible performance

Innovative intelligent system

  • With end-of-life detection, the operator knows it's time to replace the cartridge.
  • Advanced torch communication for automatic processing and amperage adjustment
  • Time-saving torch controls placed on the torch allow you to adjust the amperage while operation is in progress and replace the consumable without returning to the power supply
  • Access cartridge data to track performance and analyze usage patterns
  • The existing cartridge reader accessory is paired with the Powermax SYNC smartphone app to analyse performance data such as start-ups, transfers and arc open times