Ermaksan Machine
Oxygen Cutting


Oxygen cutting machine is suitable for heavy duty and general use in medium and higher thickness. It allows users to perfectly cut sheet metals up to 300 mm depending on the user's demands. Users of Pronest advanced nesting software supplied with the machine will benefit from the feature of programming more than one cutting process.

The results of using a single software for plasma and oxyfuel machines are:

  • Lower software ownership cost (upgrade fees, maintenance fees, etc.)
  • Need for less employee (programmer) training
  • Reduced work risk thanks to the fact that any cutting machine can be programmed more easily by any employee using a single software product
  • Greater flexibility allowing NC throughput for alternating cutting operations when machine failure occurs

ProNest offers the above benefits to parts cutting companies, while bringing the feature to programs to almost all plasma, laser, waterjet, oxyfuel and punch combination machines, regardless of the make and model of the machine.