Up to 1.27 meters length
Bending force up to 60 tons
Working desk
Height adjustable CNC pendant arm
250 - ... - 410 mm throat depth
Backgauge stroke (X/R) 500 / 250 mm

Enjoy Bending from Your Seat!

It is the perfect solution for our customers working with small and thin parts up to 1.27 meters, offering advantages in both cost and working area. Seating area with knee gap, working desk, height adjustable CNC pendant arm with shock absorber and lighting systems have been designed with ergonomics in mind. In addition to the adjustable seat and controller arm, the lighting system in the machine body is also a part of the ergonomic system. Working in dim light all day can cause strain on the eyes, headaches, and mental and muscle fatigue. Therefore, it is aimed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic working environment to the operator, and efficiency in production.

FBSS (Faster Bends Safety System)

Serial bending processes without using a foot pedal speeds up your production process and saves you time and money while increasing your productivity.


Maximum comfort of the operator was considered with the knee space opening to the lower beam, wide working desk, comfortable seat, and lighting system.


With the remote service support, the problems of customers from all over the world are resolved quickly, providing time and cost savings.

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