Different size and tonnage options
Tandem / Tridem option
Full-length bending
Operating at full capacity
Conical post bends
Automatic sheet loading/unloading systems

The Right Choice for High Tonnage Bends

High tonnage press brakes, designed and produced under the brand of Ermaksan, are manufactured in different sizes and tonnages to serve the different needs of the customer. High Tonnage Press Brakes allow you to work at full capacity and eliminate time losses of your business. High tonnage press brakes, which provide high performance in the harshest conditions with their durability, allow use in the most efficient way in your tough bending operations. Ermaksan's special press brakes are used in a wide range of industries such as heavy machinery industry, transportation, shipbuilding, wind turbines, power plants, aviation and defence industry, lighting pole production all over the world.

With tandem press brakes, you can make your bends in full length or you can meet your bending needs with its flexible structure that allows you to bend your short-length materials by using them separately. Thus, by eliminating your losses in terms of work and time, you will ensure that your production capacity remains at a high level.

With its reliability, superior product quality and advanced production techniques, Ermaksan offers flexible and ideal solutions tailored to the ever-changing world market, ever-evolving technology and customer requests.


The sheet metal is automatically taken into the bending process and is automatically removed after bending. In addition, CNC-controlled special pneumatic sheet waving and thickness measurement processes are performed with a fully automated vacuum lifting system.


With our experience of more than half a century and our strong engineer staff, we determine the machine you need and technical requirements with scientific methods and offer the most appropriate solution to you.


With Tandem / Tridem solutions that provide flexibility in production, you can make your bends in full length or you can twist your short length materials by using them separately.

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