Powder samples suitable for additive manufacturing

Metal Powder Types

Ermaksan Additive has the ability to produce various powders from metals and alloys with its VIGA and EIGA atomization systems.

Titanium (Ti6Al4VGr5) and Nickel-based alloy (Inc718 and Inc625) powders are produced in atomizer tower systems.

Characterization test processes of Titanium (Ti6Al4VGr5) and Nickel-based super alloy (Inc718 and Inc625) metal powders produced in Gas Atomizer Towers are performed in our laboratories.

  • Titanium (Ti6Al4VGr5) powder production system (EIGA), with an annual production capacity of 50 tons,
  • Nickel Alloy (In 625 and In 718) powder production system (VIGA), with an annual production capacity of 10 tons.
  • Partnerships with global companies and universities,
  • Partnerships with global powder companies,
  • Powder quality verified by powder characterization laboratory,
  • Ermaksan assurance is with you in all steps from the production of additive manufacturing machines and the powders used in these machines to the qualification of the parts produced in these machines.
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