LASERMAK CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

The Lasermak developed by Ermaksan’s expert engineers, provides perfect cutting speeds and reflects innovative technologies by every features

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    Control panel

    Worldwide recognized, fast and user-friendly controller

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    Rigid construction

    Strong body precisely machined, dynamically and statically rigid.

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    Automatic shuttle changer

    Dual pallet shuttle table provides fast sheet loading

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    Sliding door system

    Sliding door system provides easy access to the table




  • Machine frame,5 axes (X,U,Y,V with linear motor - Z axis with servo motor); High speed laser cutting machine
  • Chiller unit, for laser source, linear motors, cutting head and all optic components, equipped with a special micron rated water filter.
  • CNC control unit, Fanuc 31i-LB 10.4” LCD Screen, display screen for all laser and maintenance functions.
  • Cutting head, precitec HP1.5” (for 2.5 KW); HP2” (for 4 KW)
  • Exchangeable cartridge system, precitec 5” and 7.5”
  • Easy changeable lens Kit, ZnSe positive meniscus lens.
  • Capacitive approaching controller, sensitive distance control with precitec EG8010 adjust box.
  • Nozzle Kit,
  • Optical mirror kit, 5 pieces folding mirror.
  • Cutting head ceramic part kit, 3 pieces ceramic part.
  • Beam path system, special beam path protective bellows.
  • Gas and air control, two proportional valve for pressure adjustment, two sensor to control high and low pressure.
  • Clean - dry air system, chemical air - dryer with active carbonized filter.
  • Automatic loading - unloading unit.
  • Sheet clamps, four holder clamp on every table.
  • Three point reference sensor and programming.
  • Conveyor, part and scrap collecting conveyor.
  • Warning lamps.
  • Lantek CAD - CAM software.
  • Machine and operator safety system.
  • PCMCI flash memory card.
  • Manuals for all Lasermak equipments.


  • 3.75” Cutting cartridge and 3.75” Lens (only for 1.5” cutting head) - 10” Lens with extension adaptor.
  • Motorized cutting head.
  • PS130 piercing sensor, process module, includes lens break and piercing sensors together.
  • Protective glasses aganist Lasermak CO2 laser beam.
  • Filter unit.
  • Lasermak spare part kit.
  • Ceramic part - 2 pieces
  • Folding mirror - 2 pieces
  • 5” Lens - 2 pieces
  • 7.5” Lens - 2 pieces
  • 1.0 mm nozzle - 10 pieces
  • 1.2 mm nozzle - 10 pieces
  • 1.5 mm nozzle - 10 pieces
  • 2.0 mm nozzle - 10 pieces
  • 2.5 mm nozzle - 10 pieces
  • 3.0 mm nozzle - 10 pieces
  • Flexible automation solutions.
  • Pipe cutting system.
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning and changing system.


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