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LASERMAK - CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

To get perfect cutting results, Lasermak frame and components are specially machined in CNC machining centers with maximum precision. Lasermak is equipped with linear motors which is an optional specification in most cases for other brands. The axis, moving along with strong magnets mounted on the frame, provide high speed and maximum acceleration. (Y axis 3G). This high speed and acceleration provides increased efficiency and productivity while also decreasing operational costs.

Frame and bridge are assembled by expert engineers and tested with latest high-tech measuring technology in every phase of manufacturing process. This is the main reason of the perfectness in square and circular cutting. There is no need for secondary operations and Lasermak produces parts ready-to-assemble.

Perfect cut solutions with high speed;
Reduce your working hours with Lasermak’s corrosion and friction free linear motors.

Best choice in laser ? 

  • Lasermak is ready for lights-off production and increase your output
  • Extremely low cost maintenance requirements for Fanuc resonator (24,000 hours turbo blower lifetime) and no-maintenance linear drives will give you the best cost per part.
  • Lasermak outputs finished products and doesn’t require secondary operation like deburring, thus increasing your productivity.

Customer benefits

  • You have automation and eliminate your production errors by using Lasermak.
  • You can decrease invesment costs with 24 hours mass production.
  • Especially cutting with laser you save more by not using tools and equipments.
  • You can cut materials such as steel, nickel alloys, titanium, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum etc. with smooth surfaces and accurately.
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning and changing.
  • Durable choice for your precise cutting works.
Best choice in laser;
Perfect cutting speeds with out and out innovative technologies thanks to Ermaksan’s expert engineers developing Lasermak.

Linear motorized ultra fast Lasermak is combined with today’s latest CO2 resonator technology. 3 main points were in our engineers’ minds while designing Lasermak;

While the competition in the market is getting harder, low electricity and gas consumption will create big advantages and will let you quote low cost parts/products “just in time”.

Strong frame construction, world wide recognized brands and long life components that are used in Lasermak will increase your performance in every condition.

Ermaksan reflects its mass manufacturing capability to its prices at your advantage, while having a principle of maintaining highest level of quality, unique design and technology in its products.

High Speed and Precision
Resonator-Laser Power Unit Fanuc CO2
C 1000 i / C 2000 i / C 4000 i / C 5000 i / C 6000 i
  • “Fanuc beam mode” is designed to cut thin and thick sheets in optimum speeds so it will give the lowest damage to the lens and mirrors. Life time of optic components is very long.
  • Fanuc resonator uses one type gas mixture. Extremely low gas consumption. (10 lt/hr)
  • Advanced alarm circuits.
  • “Photo-Catalytic Element” removes hydrocarbons to avoid mirror contamination and protects laser power supply units.
  • Automatic aging, leak check and warm-up functions reduce maintenance time.
  • Highest reliability with intelligent technology.
  • Nano-machined mirror holders reduce resonator setup time after maintenance and doesn’t require beam alignment after cleaning the mirros.
  • Thanks to the new production technology, maintenance period for turbo blower is 24,000 hours.
Power of Laser
  • Electrodes are mounted outside of the discharge tubes. The discharge tubes produce the laser beam, therefore there is no contact between electrodes and discharge tubes and as a result there will be no wear on electrodes and could be used for a long time.
  • Compared to DC-Discharge, energy consumption of RF-Discharge technology is considerably lower.
  • Homogenous gas discharge system keeps the laser output power always constant. Laser output power guarantees continuous cutting quality.
  • Fanuc mode is especially designed to achieve the best cutting results over a wide range of thickness.
  • Fanuc 4 kW has only 6 folding mirrors. (Fanuc 2.5 kW has only 3 folding mirrors)
  • Fanuc use a modular power supply system.(Typically 1 PSU per 1 kW output power)
  • Fanuc lasers offer latest RF excitation technology.
  • Discharge circuits of Fanuc lasers do not need any maintenance.
  • Highest maintenance efficiency.


  • LASERMAK - CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
  • LASERMAK - CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
  • LASERMAK - CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
  • LASERMAK - CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
  • LASERMAK - CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
  • LASERMAK - CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
  • LASERMAK - CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
  • LASERMAK - CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
  • LASERMAK - CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
  • LASERMAK - CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
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  • Bridge type flying optic laser.
  • High Speed : 170 m/dk. (Simultaneous)
  • High Acceleration : (X: 2G; Y: 3G)
  • Accuracy : Repetition : ± 0.015
                               Positioning : ± 0.03
  • Dynamic and high precision axes with linear motors.
  • Best cutting result with constant beam path and compensation system which is synchronized with X axis bridge.
  • Stress relieving process applied to frame after welding process.
  • High performance rigid aluminum bridge.
  • Low energy and gas consumption.
  • Highly integrated complete system package from Fanuc. (Laser resonator, controller and linear motors)
  • Compact exchangeable cartridge for 5’’ and 7,5’’
  • Height control with capacitive nozzle sensor.
  • High pressure cutting head (25 bar - 362 psi)
  • Ping-pong function providing shortest hole-to-hole time.
  • Lantek CAD-CAM software with full auto-nesting.
  • Film burning feature.
  • Lasermak automatic cutting technology tables.
  • 3 Different cutting technology for all materials and thicknesses.
  • Advanced cutting features. (Edge, start-up, power control function)
  • Automatic nesting, machining, time and cost calculation.
  • Automatic loading-unloading unit.
  • Restart and retrace function.
  • 3 point reference sensor.
  • Auto-focus cutting head.
  • Part and scrap collecting conveyor.
  • Reliable high/low pressure assist gas system. (Two proportional valves)
  • Automatic controlled synchronized suction system.
  • Special filtered air dryer system.
  • Precise temperature control for water cooling system. 
  • Exchangeable cartridge system for high pressure cutting applications.
  • The cartridges which the lens are fixed on are very practical and easy to use. When the thickness is changed it will only take a few minutes to setup the new adjustments for the new cut.
  • 3.75”, 5”, 7.5”, 10” (with extension adaptor) focal lengths are providedby two exchangeable cartridges on the cutting head.
  • Effective lens and cooling system.
  • Two assist gas connection.
  • Compact exchangeable cartridge (dual focal lengths) between - 18mm and + 10mm provides lots of advantages for cutting.
  • The cutting head can be operated at high gas pressure up to 25 bar.(2.5 MPa)
    Integrated distance sensor control keeps the distance same always between sheet and nozzle.
  • Error signals to protect cutting head from collision, cable cut and body touch.
  • Exchangeable cartridge system for high pressure cutting applications.
  • Automatic adjustable lens position with motorized head.
  • When sheet thickness or material is changed there is no need to adjust focus length thanks to signals between CNC and motorized head.
  • Cartridge replacement system enables to replace lens faster.
  • Electronic cartridge detection. (only 2” cutting head)
  • Integration of PS130-sensors and preamplifier into the cutting head. (optional)
  • Laser crack sensor warns the operator about the cracks in the sensors (Standard for 1,5” M) shuttle table.
  • Automatic or manually controllable dual shuttle table technology provides continuous production.
  • Lasermak integrated clamping system gives the best solution to fix thin sheets to the shuttle table.
  • Safety standards according to CE standards.
  • Conveyor placed under the machine frame carries dropped scraps and dross which is collected into a wheeled scrap box.
  • Chemical air dryer and filters are very important and provides protection for the beam path and optical elements against oil, dust and humidity.
  • Machine frame was designed with fine element method and with its stress relieved, durable, rigid, mono block construction it will provide the same cutting precision for years.
  • Machine frame was designed in one piece so it can be setup up and transported very quickly.
  • Safety window panel’s surrounding the work area protects the operator and provides a clear view of the cutting process.
  • Independent suction windows are synchronized with the cutting head. The suction window opens according to the cutting head position. Therefore optimal suction is provided to avoid environment pollution.
  • Cooling water system is designed to cool laser source, optical components, cutting head and linear motors.
  • Protection against freezing.
  • Alarm level and warning messages.
  • All material in contact with water are made from stainless steel.
  • Integrated heating to warm up the water.
  • Low noise.
  • Low energy consumption.
Easy control
Control Panel
Fanuc 16i-LB
  • Years of joint experience in production for resonator, controller, driver and linear motor.
  • Perfect integration and maximum control.
  • World’s biggest manufacturer for CNC controllers.
  • 10.4” color LCD screen.
  • 512 KB part program memory.
  • Ethernet or PCMCI card connections.
  • Programmable high speed for reducing cycle times.
  • High speed approaching function.
  • Easy access for cutting data tables.
  • Edge, machining and start-up functions.
  • Integrated laser screens.
  • Control characteristics can be changed by parameter setting.
  • Ping-pong function. (very short hole-to-hole times)
  • Restart and retrace function.
  • Display screen for periodic maintenance and alarm history.
  • Program formation with MDI panel.
  • Time and cost calculation.
Lantek Expert
  • Lantek Expert Cut CAD / CAM Software with the Lasermak postprocessor has functions to make the cutting easy with automatic machining and nesting, time/cost calculation, micro - joint, partner cutting. Cutting parameters (cutting, piercing, edge, power control) and technology charts for each part can be written directly into the part program by proprietary Lasermak postprocessor, thus part programs created on Lantek can be transferred and run on the machine without any need for parametrical change on the CNC. Furthermore it has a feature to make a hole with a diameter of 0.5 times sheet thickness and marking.
  • Lantek contains cutting data table for all material types and thicknesses.
  • Automatic nesting and machining.
  • Time/cost calculation.
  • CAD module.
  • Micro-joint feature which keeps the part on the sheet after it’s cut.
  • Common cut feature.
  • Film burning.
  • Automatic lead-in/lead-out.
Key to impeccable cuts;
Lasermak it can all kind of metal sheet to maintain the highest production capacity with maximum precision and quality.


  • Machine frame,5 axes (X,U,Y,V with linear motor - Z axis with servo motor); High speed laser cutting machine
  • Chiller unit, for laser source, linear motors, cutting head and all optic components, equipped with a special micron rated water filter.
  • CNC control unit, Fanuc 16i-LB 10.4” LCD Screen, display screen for all laser and maintenance functions, program storage with ethernet and PCMCI card.
  • Cutting head, precitec HP1.5” (for 2.5 KW); HP2” (for 4 KW)
  • Exchangeable cartridge system, precitec 5” and 7.5”
  • Easy changeable lens Kit, ZnSe positive meniscus lens.
                7.5“ for 2” cutting head (50.8 mm Dia* 190.5 mm FL) - edge thickness: 0.38 inch
                5” for 2” cutting head (50.8 mm Dia* 127 mm FL) - edge thickness: 0.38 inch
                7.5” for 1.5” cutting head (38.1 mm Dia* 190.5 mm FL) - edge thickness: 0.3 inch
                5” for 1.5” cutting head (38.1 mm Dia* 127 mm FL) - edge thickness: 0.3 inch
  • Capacitive approaching controller, sensitive distance control with precitec EG8010
    adjust box.
  • Nozzle Kit,
                - 0.8mm, 5 pieces - 1.0mm, 5 pieces - 1.2mm, 5 pieces - 1.5mm, 5 pieces
                - 2.0mm, 5 pieces - 2.5mm, 5 pieces - 3.0mm, 5 pieces
  • Optical mirror kit, 5 pieces folding mirror.
  • Cutting head ceramic part kit, 2 pieces ceramic part.
  • Beam path system, special beam path protective bellows.
  • Gas and air control, two proportional valve for pressure adjustment, two sensor to control high and low pressure.
  • Clean - dry air system, chemical air - dryer with active carbonized filter.
  • Automatic loading - unloading unit.
  • Sheet clamps, four holder clamp on every table.
  • Three point reference sensor and programming.
  • Conveyor, part and scrap collecting conveyor.
  • Warning lamps.
  • Lantek CAD - CAM software.
  • Machine and operator safety system.
  • PCMCI flash memory card.
  • Manuals for all Lasermak equipments. 

  • 3.75” Cutting cartridge and 3.75” Lens (only for 1.5” cutting head) - 10” Lens with extension adaptor.
  • Motorized cutting head.
                - Precitec HP 1.5” M(Z) - Integrated lens break sensor.
                - Precitec HP 2” M(Z)
  • PS130 piercing sensor, process module, includes lens break and piercing sensors together. (only for HP1.5” HP2” and HP2” M(Z)
  • Protective glasses aganist Lasermak CO2 laser beam.
  • Filter unit.
  • Lasermak spare part kit.
                Ceramic part - 2 pieces
                Folding mirror - 2 pieces
                5” Lens - 2 pieces
                7.5” Lens - 2 pieces
                1.0 mm nozzle - 10 pieces
                1.2 mm nozzle - 10 pieces
                1.5 mm nozzle - 10 pieces
                2.0 mm nozzle - 10 pieces
                2.5 mm nozzle - 10 pieces
                3.0 mm nozzle - 10 pieces
  • Flexible automation solutions.
  • Pipe cutting system.
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning and changing system.

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