ERMAKSAN believes that together with endangered natural sources, environment is one of the most valuable treasure to hand down the next generations.

ERMAKSAN makes an hard effort to minimize the potential harms to environment during production and activity processes with awareness of protecting and developing the environment for future generations and carries out important projects to popularize the environmental consciousness to society.

In that frame, environmental policy of ERMAKSAN is;

To minimize contamination, integrate the waste management systems to general operation, use energy efficiently, reduce the negative effects of our operations and raise the environmental awareness of our suppliers and partners and encourage them about green economy and energy efficiency studies.

ERMAKSAN focuses on reducing carbon emission of machines and equipments produced in ERMAKSAN facilities, increasing energy efficiency of these products, designing environment-friendly products minimizing the potential harms to environment, controlling and minimizing environmental factors about new processes and actions, preferring energy-saving technologies and practices, implementing projects developed for saving nature and contributing to ecological balance, leading social responsibility projects on these topics and popularize these principles both domestically and internationally.