As one of the most powerful companies in the sector, ERMAKSAN produces high-quality and high-technology machines with experience exceeding half a century in a 80.000 m2 modern production facility by a qualified team of 800 people adopting efficiency and quality as primary principles besides leading Sheet Metal Processing Machines sector via its powerful R&D structure.

The main facility of ERMAKSAN is equipped with precise and brand new high-technology CNC machines and has the capacity of producing 3000 sheet metal processing machines annually and developing innovative products under supervision of expert engineers.

Unique designs and production technologies of ERMAKSAN are represented successfully by our prominent dealers in accordance with our principle prioritizing "quality" and "trust" on 6 continents, in more than 90 countries.

As ERMAKSAN, we are aware of the strategic importance of machine production sector both domestically and internationally, and our mission is giving priority and continually following customer expectations and designing, producing and offering environment friendly, high-technology and energy saving machines having a high added value.

We aim to carry ERMAKSAN to future by prioritizing ethical values,focusing on sustainable growth by using our sources efficiently and favouring customer satisfaction, comfort of employees and profitability of our partners.

As ERMAKSAN, our vision is to be among the top 5 companies of the worldwide sheet metal processing machine sector by 2023 and maintain our position in the public eye by continuing to make investments on human, technology and environment as usual.

We will always continue to work in the sake of our country and all humanity to support our global role as "locomotive of the Turkish Machine sector" via efficient and sustainable successes.