TOWER Full Automatic Sheet Metal Loading & Unloading System

TOWER, lazer kesim makineleri için 1500x3000 mm ölçülerindeki sac metalleri insansız yükleme ve boşaltma yapmak için kullanılır. Sistem yüksek düzeyde güvenilirlik, yüksek esneklik ve kullanım kolaylığı sağlamaktadır.

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    X Reference Arm

    This arm provide you to reference metal sheet and precise handling for the suction cups.

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    Stock Area

    Automatic system handle the sheet and place it in the proper stock area.

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    Suction cup device for lifting raw metal sheet

    Is an arm with the grip placed over the loading pallet. The duty of this arm is to lift the raw metal sheet to permit the entrance of the comb device under the metal sheet lifter and deposit it on this comb device.



The Advantages of TOWER Full Automatic Sheet Metal Loading and Unloading System;

  • 7/24 working option,
  • No unexpected stop,
  • The competitive advantage for unit costs,
  • Precision sheet metal protection against damages and scratches,
  • The ideal solution for enterprises against stock area loss with multi-pallet stacking system in the tower.

TOWER has two model according to demand;

  • Basic Tower: Standard 2 pallets for stock area. Just one metal sheet can be stock in during the process.
  • Compact Tower: Minimum 3 pallets for stock area that can be customize up to 15 pallets each can payload 3000 kg. Two different types of metal sheets can be stock in different areas. Also finished metal sheet can be stock in other area.



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