Ercut 7

Shears Controllers

User-friendly interface

The simple and clear interface of this system provides a safe utilization experiment to users. Wide and colourful graphic screen, developed in accordance with user demands, users can enjoy fast programming and ease of use.

Thanks to the easy cutting page, even new users can program their cutting works in a few second. Big bright buttons and easily legible characters provide the users an excellent visual quality.

Complex cutting programs in different sizes can be stored in memory thanks to the function recording 100 different programs. Error and warning messages displayed on pop-up windows provide users the best usage experiment. Developed error detection algorithm prevents wrong data input.

Powerful hardware

Enriched analogue control unit includes 6 analogue inputs and 2 analogue outputs. It has also 16 orientable digital inputs and 16 orientable digital outputs. Powered touch screen provides a higher performance. The touch screen expires after: 1.000.000 times. (Tested in laboratory by a 8 mm diameter rubber via 250 gf force. The figure refers to minimum lifetime of the product.)

Automatic control features

Technical specifications

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