Starting his career at a small workshop as a worker in 1965 and making ERMAKSAN MACHINE a world brand, Erol ÖZKAYAN, the CEO of ERMAKSAN MACHINE, started to produce textile machines, hydraulic leather machines, generator groups, electric motors, furniture wood hot-presses, oxygen flame cutting benches and auto mobile fibres in accordance with needs of that date.

ÖZKAYAN carried on producing these products until 1972 and then shifted to textile machines sector for 10 years.

At this period, ERMAKSAN succeeded to be one of the leading companies of Turkey in generator and electric motor production sectors.

At late 1980's, ERMAKSAN focused on Sheet Metal Processing Machines sector and succeeded to be one of the worldwide Sheet Metal Processing Machine manufacturers by supporting production experiment and competence with modern management system and powerful investments.

ERMAKSAN considers alternation and innovation as the focus of its future and managed to be source of pride of "Bursa and Turkish Machine Sector" by its innovative and futuristic approach.